Robert E. Jacob, The Untold Story

     Robert was born in the Blue Sky state of Washington in King County. Born the youngest of four children, he was always encouradged to give free reign to his creative abilities. When he was just six months old, his parents divorced and he spent the majority of his early and adolescent years with his mother. In his own words he recalls:

 "I remember from as early as sixteen years old having a love of storytelling. I remember my Mother encouradging me to keep a personal journal. I was fine with that, however, simply relating the mundane day to day events seemed such a waste of time not to mention extremely boring. Instead, I would create colorful adventures out of the mundane and most routine of events, such as mowing the lawn. I would spin the tale of a brave warrior on a quest to do battle with the evil blades from the north. In no time the most common of stories was transformed into a life and death struggle from which the hero's successful outcome was anything but certain.

    In writing "Azorea, The Piper o' the Glen", I found my creative style again surfacing its ugly head. I remember playing the pipes at a local cemetary and thinking, "What if the pipes were from another planet". I imagined the inventor being an alien who unwillingly was forced to live on Earth. Then I began thinking, what if the villains and monsters of history were actually aliens from some distant world. I guess it just snowballed from there. The result is the Azorea trilogy. I hope you enjoy my exploration into the inner workings of my own mind. Don't get lost now!"