What are the Gumshoe Archives?

The Gumshoe Archives are an attempt to make the arduous task of learning science, fun. These books are not meant to be a stand alone program, but rather, another tool to augment the existing Utah Science Curriculum. Each book corrosponds to a teaching standard, as set forth in the Utah State Science Curriculum, and includes all necessary vocabulary and key concepts required for comprehension of the given standard.  More state curriculums will be added in time.   

What is in the Archives

The Gumshoe Archives are a multi-series of books. There are five books in each series, one for each standard in the Science Curriculum. The 4th grade series is complete and has the following books:

  1. The Disappearing Lake (Standard I- The Water cycle)
  2. The Stolen Panda (Standard II - Understanding Weather)
  3. The Vanishing Diamonds (Standard III - Rock Properties and Soil Formation)
  4. The Rogue Dragon (Standard IV - How Fossils are Formed)
  5. The Zombie of the Lake (Standard V - Utah Eco Systems)
        We are currently working on the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade curriculums and they will be forthcoming soon.

How do the Books Work?

The Gumshoe Archives make learning fun by presenting the learning concepts in a new way. Each book chronicles a new adventure in the life of young Private Eye, Andy Spencer. He finds himself an orphan after his parents are lost at sea. He takes over his father's detective agency. Aided by his best friend and mentor, Norsely, he learns the detective trade. Together they solve baffling mysteries and learn about science as well. They tackle the tough cases that no one else can solve. Norsely is a Morphling, and has lived since the dawn of time. He actually rescued Andy at sea, where his parents were lost. He adopted the young lad and now they are a crime fighting team. Being a Morphling, Norsely can transform into the shape of any living thing. This comes in very handy as they solve the mysteries. We hope you enjoy these books. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to send them our way at:         E-Mail: rjacob@q.com

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